Crappy People.

I am a skeptic.  I can’t help it.  I know people.  Too many people.  And, sometimes, these people I know are crappy.  It’s the truth.

Another truth?

Sometimes, I am even crappier.

I belong to the Lord.  I love him.  He is working in my heart and my conduct and I am still really crappy.

But, sometimes, the good Lord lets a little light shine through on this earth of ours. A brief glimpse into how things would be if His will were being done on earth as it is in heaven.  If you are a Houstonian, that glimpse came recently compliments of Harvey.

Harvey was a nightmare.  People lost their homes and their memories and their livelihoods.  We drove around for weeks with the guts of houses standing testament to what happened to our beloved city.

But, in the middle of it all, something happened.  We found out that these people surrounding us are good in their middle.  Not all of them, but enough that it’s a comfort.

Now, when I am on the freeway, or in line at the store, I look at people differently.  I find myself wondering if the lady in front of me is the lady who posted about making dozens of meals to pass out to flood victims.  I wonder if that little kid riding on her mom’s cart is the little girl who held a lemonade stand and donated all the profits to people who needed them.  I wonder if the guy roaring down the highway in his big truck rescued families just in the nick of time.

I also wonder if people are looking at me the same way?  Are they holding me to a higher standard?  Do they expect more of me?  Do they watch my conduct a little closer?

I find my own internal dialogue has completely changed.  Before, my thoughts trended towards, “That figures.”  and, “Par for the course.” Now, I find myself thinking,  “Ok, now don’t be rude to your waitress–we’re Houstonians.  Remember what we just went through?” Or, “Come on, let that car in.  Be nice.”  And, my new favorite, “They need some help.  Better get on it.”

I say that is my new favorite because I believe Harvey changed us all.  We don’t wait for the “somebodies” any more to take care of things.  We do it.  We make the meals, and mud-out the homes, and do the laundry.  Whatever we can for whoever we can whenever we can.  It’s the Houston way.

Truthfully, we have months before we recover from those flood waters.  Businesses are still closed, piles are still waiting to be picked up and families are still displaced, but Houston is an okay place to be these days.  We are beyond thrilled about our Astros!  We are on task helping our neighbors and, I am happy to say, we are loving each other a little better.

My prayer this morning, for myself, and my city was, “Lord, keep our hearts soft, our spirits willing and our attitudes safe from crappy.”  From my mouth to his ears.